Coming Events

  • PrimeTimers Lunch Thursday Oct. 11Safety Tips for a Happy, Safe Life.  It’s rush hour and traffic is heavy on the streets near your home, and suddenly a loved one in your home slumps into a chair with a possible heart attack or stroke.  Or, you are eating dinner, and a loved one in your home begins to choke and cannot breathe. What would you do?  How long will it take for the emergency squad to get to your home?  Is there something that you could do?
    On Thursday, October 11th, Captain Scott Benninghoff, Community Risk Coordinator for the Cary Fire Department, will be our speaker to talk about these situations as well as another situation that emergency squads often confront.  Lunch will be at noon in The Choir Room.  Captain Benninghoff begins speaking at 1:00 PM.  Click here to register on-line.
  • The Upcoming Pig Pickin’ has been canceled due to the hurricane.  You can request a refund or we can hold your registration to see if another program date can be arranged for October.  You may email or telephone Jonell Williams (contact info below) with your decision.  Updates will be posted here and communicated via email.
  • Senior Adult Volunteer Opportunity– GiGi’s Playhouse is building lifelong readers.  It’s a signature one-on-one literacy tutoring program for students with Down syndrome.  The location is near Colonial Baptist Church in the Swift Creek area.  Students can start in the program as young as age 3 and continue throughout adulthood.  For more information and to connect with a location near you, go to www.gigisplayhouse.orgClick here for a flyer.

Contacts for more information or help–
Don Dugan, Ministry Leader:
Jonell Williams, Administrative Assistant: or (919) 233-9100.