Coming Events

On Thursday, October 8, a representative from the Seniors’ Health Insurance and Information Program (SHIIP) will help us better understand Medicare changes coming in 2021.  Join other PrimeTimers in the Student Center Chapel at 1:00 pm as we discuss this important topic. A meal will not be provided for this event, but we ask that you please RSVP to help us prepare for seating and materials. Please remember to bring your face mask or face shield.
RSVP to Jonell Williams at

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Consider joining the PrimeTimers Leadership Team–  We meet the first Monday of each month from 1:00 to 2:30 pm. We discuss ideas for monthly events and fellowship and help to organize the events.  It’s a great opportunity to bless others with your gifts.  Click here to email Scott Wilson.

Contacts for more information or help–

Pastor Scott Wilson
, Ministry Leader:


Jonell Williams, Administrative Assistant: or
(919) 233-9100